Surrogacy Compensation

As surrogate mothers go on with their surrogacy journey they come to the point where they are asked what their “fee” is. They may be asked this by and agency, a potential intended parent or even just a friend or family member. This question sounds simple enough but it is not. The compensation a surrogate mother receives may or may not include some or all of the many expenses the surrogate pregnancy will create for the surrogate and her family. For this reason there is no flat answer unless the proposed contract specifically allows for reimbursement for each and every surrogacy induced cost which before you has a contract you will not know if this applies to you. This means that while one surrogate may say she is asking for only $5,000 for her acting as a surrogate mother she may be receiving more than another woman who says she is receiving $20,000. Whether you are working with an agency or not may greatly change how much money you and your family require in order to do the surrogacy arrangement.

Figuring out exactly how much money you will need in order to do a surrogacy is can be complicated because you must imagine how much money you will need in each and every possible scenario to assure XXXXX. The best way to do this is to sit down with your partner, close friend or other family member and list some guesstimations on a pad of paper. The easiest way to begin this daunting task is too consider the costs in the order they would come up.

It should be noted that in some states it is illegal for a surrogate to receive a fee. In these situations the surrogacy is looked at as an adoption so the fee is disguised as living expenses. In these contracts a surrogate mother calculates costs of rent, car insurance, utility bills, childcare, etc. and the IPs agree to pay them.


Becoming a Surrogate Mother

If you want to become a surrogate mother you require preparing and educating yourself. For women considering the option of surrogacy, understanding the process involved in approval for surrogacy, the emotional and psychological implication as well as the physical implications will provide for a more educated decision process. You must read articles, books, internet for detailed information about all the process and legal issues. Take time to think about the effects of a pregnancy on your life. Contact surrogate agencies and independent surrogate so you can decide which option is good for you.

The main reason for becoming a surrogate mother should not be financial, but one made out of the deep desire to help another couple. There are two means to become a surrogate mother. One is through an agency. The other is to be an independent surrogate.

Judge Rules In Favor Of Surrogate Mother

It is really important to make sure that you have a signed contract before the surrogate mother becomes pregnant. The judge in the following case has awarded the child to the surrogate mother – there was no signed contract between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. Click here to read the story.

Which Women Need surrogates?

The woman who has no uterus needs surrogacy treatment. This may be missing from birth (mullerian agenesis), or may have been removed surgically (hysterectomy for life-saving reasons, like too much bleeding during a caesarean). Other kinds of women who may desire to discover surrogacy include those who have had many miscarriages, or who have unsuccessful frequent IVF attempts for unexplained reasons.

Women who agree to become surrogate mothers may do so for sympathetic reasons. These include a sister, mother or close friend of the couple. They may also do so for financial compensation. This could be a woman, with or without children, known or unknown to the couple, who rents her womb for a payment.

Surrogate Partner

According to definition a surrogate partner or a sexual surrogate is a professional who helps clients overcome sexual dysfunction. The majority of surrogates are women while a few are men. There are also married couples that do surrogacy together. The general term of sexual surrogacy can involve varying levels of practice. Some surrogates work at counseling centers while others have their own office. Some surrogates offer additional services besides surrogacy such as telephone counseling or sexological bodywork.

Most of the surrogates you meet will have a strong educational background and legal recommendation, dealing with sexuality, psychology and counseling. Surrogates should always be certified in their practices. This allows them to work intimately with psychiatrists, psychologists, sexologists and therapists in the best interests of the client.